1. Ring Light Bulb 65W (5400K, Lamp Power 320W)
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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 22 August, 2013.

    Ring Light Bulb 65W (5400K, Lamp Power 320W)

    Price:  HKD $268
Photo Effect
The photo was taken by a digital camera without computer retouching
Technical Detail
Light Power 325W
Weight 1kg
Colour Temperature 5400k Daylight for accurate colour
Color rendering index >90
Voltage 65W 220v / 110v 50-60Hz
Light Life 8000 hr
*Dimensions and weights are approximate only.
*DigPro has used the best effort to confirm the product information shown here but subject to final version to be announced by us.
*Due to the light bulb is a very fragile product. In this case , we will not provide any replacement if the light bulb is broken during the transportation
*Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.