1. iPhotoTent Mini Studio (Backlight System) 40cm
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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 February, 2018.

    iPhotoTent Mini Studio (Backlight System) 40cm

    Price:  USD $195 

DigPro iPhotoTent Mini Studio (ML-38)

DigPro iPhotoTent adopts foldable and portable design. The light tent uses several exclusive patented technologies and lighting design. The built-in lighting system pre-sets a suitable environment and condition for product photographing. Simply use a smartphone, you can capture a shadow-free and white background product shot in a second.

Simple Design Easy for Operation

  • The foldable design facilitates you to take product photo anytime anywhere
  • You can capture amazing product photo with Smartphone
  • No photographic experience required, everyone can take great product shot

Professional Setting Excellent Effect

  • Seamless Joint LED Backlit Panels provide pure white background
  • Immediately capture shadow-free product shot with pure white background
  • Patent high CRI LED lighting results in a better saturation with colorful and rich texture

Done in A Minute High Efficiency

  • Take photos for new products anytime, enhance flexibility
  • Finish product shot within 1 minute
  • Pure white background facilitates background removal or changing
  • Save time from photo-editing, improve production efficiency
  • Speed up product launch process

High-Quality & Cost-Effective Product

  • Save cost by do it yourself
  • One-time purchase solves long time product photography needs
  • 2-Year Warranty

Suitable for Photographing







What Make iPhotoTent Different?

iPhotoTent adopts several industrial first patented technologies, such as Seamless Joint LED Backlit System and Surround Fully Reflective Light System. The All-in-One Mini Studio creates a suitable photographic environment for product shooting.

High-Quality LED Backlit Panel

  • Adopt high-quality Samsung LED Chips
  • Preset 5400K Daylight Color Temperature
  • Light Brightness reaches 5,800 Lux
  • CRI R+ Color Correction Technology optimize photography light source, result in better saturation with colorful and rich texture

Seamless Joint LED Backlit System

  • Light comes from back and bottom directly, which will be able to prevent reflection
  • Seamless lighting background prevents crease and achieves pure white and shadow-free background

Surround Fully Reflective Light System

  • Gentle light distributes evenly
  • The shooting object will be exposed evenly and perfectly under the light source from all angles which results in better light penetration

Aluminum Alloy Structure

  • Hard and durable case structure
  • Efficient heat-sinking technology
  • Prevent over-heat problem
  • Result in longer LED life-time

All-in-One Portable Design

  • Foldable and portable design
  • 3 minutes easy setup
  • Convenient for storage

Make Great Product Shot With Less Efforts


Get Your Product Ready to Shoot

Adjust & Snap

Ready to Use

Technical Specifications

Model No.: ML-38
Product Type: Mini Studio
Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Plastic, Nylon
  • Samsung LED Light Chips
  • Color Temperature 5400K
  • Illuminance 5,800 Lux
  • CRI >90
  • Life-Time 60,000 hours
Plug: US, UK, HK, CN
Power: 26W (13W+13W)
Operating Voltage: DC 24-25V 1A / AC 110 – 220V Full Voltage
Size of shooting area: 35*36*35/CM L*W*H
Max. size of shooting object: 20-25/CM3
Max. Loading: 15 KG
Packing Size: 57*8*60 L*W*H / 6KG
Net Weight: 5KG



Portable Mini Light Box (China) Patent

Patent No. : ZL 2017 3 0570160.4

Product Components

  1. iPhotoTent Main Body
  2. Nylon bag
  3. Background Roll Plastic
  4. Plug & Adaptor
  5. Accessories
  6. Instruction manual
  7. Warranty Card
  8. Packing Box

Free Online Production Software

360° AR Imaging Hosting & Production Hub ( provides various functions including auto background removal, background replacement, auto-cropping, company watermark adding and photo editing.



iPhotoTent Introduction Video

Installation Guide Video

After-sale Service

Technical Support

3-month global online support will be provided. If you have any query regarding the product operation, please send you question with a photo to


24-month warranty will be provided. Please visit ( to register the warranty within 14 days upon receipt of the product. Please keep the original sales invoice in proper condition. Customers are required to present the original sales invoice to the Company upon request for warranty service.