1. iPhotoTent Mini Studio (Backlight System) 40cm
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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 01 February, 2018.

    iPhotoTent Mini Studio (Backlight System) 40cm

    Price:  HKD $1,599

All in One Portable Mini Studio

10th Anniversary Special Edition

Shoot Like A Pro

With Your Smartphone

Shoot Like A Pro

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

With the iPhotoTent Mini Studio, anyone can simply use a smartphone or DC to shoot professional product images in just 1 minute. No post-editing needed, Cheaper, Faster, Easier!

Your Best Partner of Product Photography

Outstanding Lighting System

  • Seamless joint Back and Bottom Backlit Light Panels
  • Samsung LED chips Made in Korea, 5800 Lux output
  • 5400K Daylight White Balance

Durable Feature

  • Patent heat-sinking Technology
  • Aluminum Alloy Case, hard and high efficient heat-sinker
  • Stable operating temperure
  • 80,000 Hours Life-time of LED Chips
  • Easy cleaning

Light and Portable

  • Foldable Design, upto 8cm in thickness
  • Easy to Carry
  • 2 Minutes Easy Setup
  • 5 Kg Only


5800Lux Brightness
Stable Temperature
Easy Cleaning
5400K Daylight Temperature
Easy Camera Setting

Seamless joint LED backlit panels

  • No crease in the light source system
  • Provide pure white background and no shadow effect

Surround Fully Reflecting Light System

  • Avoid the problem of glaring reflection
  • Provide better light penetration

Why iPhotoTent Mini Studio ?

Save Money, Save Time

iPhotoTent can save your cost and time from hiring professional photographer. With iPhotoTent, you can operate efficiency by doing it yourself.It is definitely an advance in nowadays rapid e-commercial world.

Anyone Anytime Anywhere

2 minutes easy setup, everyone can shoot outstanding product images without any professional photographic training. Portable design allows you to use it anytime, anywhere.

One Take, Ready to Go

iPhotoTent allows you to take a professional pure white background and no shadow product image in 1 minute. It can be used instantly by saving post-editing works. You can easily do auto background remove and improve image quality through our online software


Model No. : ML-38
SAMSUNG LED Chips: Daylight 5,800 LUX +/-8%
Size of Photo Studio : 47*40*40/cm L*W*H
Size of Shooting Area: 35*36*35/cm L*W*H
Max Size of Shooting Object : 20cm cubic
Power : 26W(13W+13W)
Operating Voltage : DC 24~25V 1A / AC 110-240V Full Voltage
Size of Carrying Bag : 55*47*4-8/cm L*W*H
Max Loading : 15kg
Frame Structure : Aluminun,Steel,Plastic,Nylon
Material of Carrying Bag : Nylon
Net Weight : 5kg

Demo Effects

Pure White Background

No Shadow

No Reflection

Clear Image

Comparison With Another Mini Studio

iPhotoTent Mini Studio
Pure White Background
Colorful & Full of Texture
Other Mini Studio
Grey Background
Dull & Lack of Texture

Free Online Photo Edit System

Free Supply of Various Digital Background

Immediate Upload After Shooting

Easy Installation

Installation of iPhotoTent


Well-Recognized by International Authorities (ICT/APICTA)

Advanced Innovative Patented Designs,Winner of Local and International Technological Awards

2016 Asia Pacific ICT
Alliance Awards
2016 Hong Kong ICT
Gold Award
2016 Hong Kong
Industrial Award