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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 September, 2010.

    DigPro 80cm 4 Light Studio Kit Plus

    Price:  HKD $7,138

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Compare with traditional lighting, the new design of ring light is smaller, brighter, power saving and more convenient. 



All "Plus" series studio includes"Smart Kit Accessories". It includes different backdrops to create various gradients and reflection effect. It also includes a multi-angle tripod, professional grey card, white balance correction tools and a teaching DVD, which make the user take better and creative product photos.
-         4 Lights Setting: Matching with ring light, there will be 20-30% brighter.
-         The light is even, soft and the power output is stable.
-         The light is only 3-4cm thick. It is the best lighting source.
-         Using with multi angle & 360 degree movement tripod, you can use the light at the top, front or close up.
-         You can fly your imagination to take any photo.
-         The colour is accurate and the image is sharp. 
-         Super White Background Effect
The shooting table can be used with bottom light to get a pure white background. You could shoot at different angles. It saves you a lot of time for photo editing. All photos have accurate colour and rich texture.


-     5400k daylight temperature
      The professional fluorescent studio light provides 5400k daylight temperature.
      The RA of the light is over 90. You can take a professional photo which has accurate, high saturation colour. Besides, the photo has no
      Shadow or reflection. Save your time for image editing.
-     Continuous lighting design
      Continuously lighting design does not need to synchronize with camera flash. You get what you see with any compact DC.
-     Which create soft light effects
      The mini studio uses US designed patent Nylon and steel stand, which create a soft light effect.
-     Space Saving
      The whole set can stand on a table or even a chair.
-     Easy to carry
      The mini studio is foldable and easy to carry.
-     The front cloth of light tent use of high reflected product.
-     It can change different background to create different effects.




Photo Eeffect

The photo was taken by a digital camera without computer retouching
Technical Detail
Light Tent Size 80 x 80 x 80/cm
Recommended maximum item 56cm / 45cm (With Photography Table)
Light Power Three Ring Lights Giving 600W + One Bottom Light Giving 350W
Colour Temperature 5400k Daylight For Accurate Colour
Color rendering index >90
Voltage 220v / 110v 50-60Hz
Light Life 8000 Hr
Included in the box Light Tent, 40W Ring Light With Light Stand (3 set), 65W Ring Light With Holder, 65cm Photography Table, Smart Accessory Kit
Weight 19.5kg
Global Support Services 3 Months
Warranty 1 Year
Software Requirements None
Camera Requirements Any kind
*Dimensions and weights are approximate only.
*DigPro has used the best effort to confirm the product information shown here but subject to final version to be announced by us.
*Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.



Words from Proprietor



Give your customers a perfect impression

Taking a good product photo is a first step of selling your product, and it is also the most important step.
The DigPro product photography equipment provides a complete solution for taking product photo, which give your customer a perfect impression of the product. It is the easiest solution for product photography.
The Real & Easy Product Photography Equipment
DigPro Ring Light Mini Studio suite is designed by professional photographers. The set is special for a user who has no photography skill. All you need to do is to place your product in the mini studio. Even use a compact digital camera, you can take a professional product photo which has accurate colour, no shadow & no reflection.
Just one simple click. You do not need to use any software for photo editing. It is an easy, pro, time saving, and cost saving solution. Besides, it is foldable and easy to carry. A user could use it in office / home.

Colour temperature




Colour temperature is a scale measuring the relative intensity of colour. Care should be taken, your product will be bluish under low colour temperature and pinkish under high colour temperature. Professional photographers love 5400K because it equals daylight. Pictures captured at 5400K can represent the products’ true  colour.
What DigPro offers
All DigPro mini studios use 5400K ring light, exactly the daylight. You are no need to worry about your product photos’ quality anymore.

White Balance



What's the issue

"White Balance (WB) is the process of removing unrealistic colour casts, so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo.” Unfortunately, photo editing will decrease the quality of the pictures.
How a digital camera works
Human can adjust white colour easily but a camera can’t. During auto white balancing, a camera will predict your product’s neutral  colours and make the image’s colour close to neutral. Problems always occur here. Still less the quality lost, the ‘neutral colour’ calculated by your camera’s program is sometimes ‘by luck’. That’s why images sometimes appear bluish or pinkish.
How DigPro solves
Using DigPro mini studio, your camera does not need to ‘predict’ the white nor have you to calculate the white balance every time. Turn your camera white balance setting to daylight, your camera is now able to capture the true colour.

Ring Light



Hard shadow killer

Flash ring light has long been widely used in the world of photography. Unlike a light bulb, the light given from a ring light is much more even. A unique halo shadow will be around your object instead of hard shadow. It is very important for product photography since your product’s shape will become much more outstanding.
DigPro’s ring light
And now, you can embrace the benefits of ring light even though you are not a professional photographer. The DigPro’s fluorescent ring light is super easy to use. Taking a professional product photo costs you just one click no matter what background decoration you use or any angle you choose.

Our customers



Many companies have chosen DigPro as their product photography partner. Below are part of them. more..


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